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Interior look of a Lexus IS
New car features more elegant design, advanced technology Lexus introduces all-new IS model 

KUWAIT CITY, June 29: Lexus today introduced the all-new Lexus IS model range in the region to demonstrate a fresh direction for Lexus sedans, emphasizing “emotional” design and improved performance that delivers real pleasure at the wheel in all driving scenarios, not to mention the perks of the most advanced technologies and the thrill of F Sport. According to Nobuyuki Negishi, Chief Representative of Middle East & North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, “With its contemporary and elegant  design, advanced driving dynamics and innovative technology, the new IS range marks the entry of a distinctive and premium sports sedan to provide a truly responsive vehicle which is a natural extension of its driver.

The pursuit of perfection has earned us a reputation for amazing technical excellence, not to mention superior service and a new standard of luxury.  Beyond the rational, however, we now aim for amazing emotion to make the Lexus IS a fun to drive car. So the Lexus IS represents much more than a car — it’s an emotional experience and that is what the IS exemplifies by bringing our customers joy as part of a fulfilling and sophisticated lifestyle.”

Dynamic Outside
Judul Spoiler:
The new IS looks fast and powerful, even standing still. From the front, the unique, trademark spindle grille is elegant but aggressive and powerful.  From the side, the lines of the car flow smoothly from the door sill up to the tail-lights in the rear which are angled down and out, with the rear spoiler now integrated into the trunk lid’s trailing edge. This car is definitely sportier.
The L shaped LED daytime running lights are positioned just underneath the headlamp cluster drawing the eye to the side and rearwards in a subtle but sophisticated way. This is 3 dimensional design at its best — from any angle, the aerodynamic lines of the New IS suggest speed and agility.

Elegant Inside 
Drivers will love the interior, with its exciting cockpit-like design.   The multiway adjustable front seats are supportive and secure. The dashboard has  an operation zone and a display zone, reducing visual clutter and allowing drivers better situational awareness and control. 
The cabin’s contemporary lighting, premium materials, and other features suggest the highest quality and luxury. The longer wheelbase increases rear seat space and luggage capacity.  All in all:  sporty, ergonomic, comfortable - and elegant.
Putting the Fun in “Fun to Drive”
Says Junichi Furuyama, IS chief engineer: “We specifically made driving pleasure the major premise behind all aspects of performance.  “

The engineers really did their thing to ensure “fun to drive”.   For example, new laser welding and adhesive bonding techniques were used to increase body rigidity.  New sub frame and cowl side braces improve handling and steering.  The revised front suspension has a 20 percent increase in sway rigidity while the multilink suspension provides better grip and control.  The new electric power steering system offers a more authentic road feel, with better feedback.   All these technical improvements add up to one thing - the New IS handles better under all conditions, accelerating, cornering, and in the fast lane.  At the wheel, you feel every move really is your move. The car is a true extension of its driver.  
Choice of Engines
The IS 350 offers s a 3.5 liter V6 with D4-S direct and port fuel injection. The 3.5 liter engine produces 312 hp @ 6,400rpm, 38.5kg-m/4800rpm torque. The IS 250 is powered by a smooth 2.5 liter V6 providing 204 hp @ 6,400rpm and 25.5kg-m/4800rpm torque.

The eight-speed, Sport Direct Shift (SPDS) automatic transmission features paddle shifters and the G-force Artificial Intelligence (G-AI) SHIFT, which automatically selects the optimum gear and downshift pattern in response to G force.

Sound Generator
The sound generator introduces a distinctly sporty engine sound when you accelerate in the mid-to-high rpm ranges.

Judul Spoiler:
F SPORT redefines the concept of the modern luxury sport sedan. It’s exclusive spindle grille is eye-catchingly bolder. The bottom corners of the front bumpers feature aerodynamic  intakes that not only look great but enhance brake cooling. The unique 18-inch wheels’ Y-spoke design recalls the LFA.
On board, the meter cluster is also inspired by the LFA. Interior trim detailing includes an F SPORT steering wheel and shift knob, and aluminum pedals and scuff plates with the Lexus logo. Both the front and rear suspension systems and the Electric Power Steering (EPS) are exclusively tuned. Optional Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) controls steering angle in accordance with vehicle speed and driver operation to realize better control at all speeds and improve driving feel during lane-changing and navigating winding roads.

An additional driving mode, SPORT S+ (IS350 F Sport only), uses an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system and refines the power train, so the driver can fine tune the ride for even more fun when driving.
In a word, F Sport is world class cool!

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